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The standard deal usually runs:
Regular rate for 10 hrs
from 10 - 14 hrs. = Overtime (1.5x regular rate)
from 14 - 18 hrs. = Double-time (2x regular rate)
from 18 - till production department calls the day = Triple time (3x regular rate)

If production stops for a meal, & you sit down & eat. That meal break is
time off, & can't be charged. If production keeps moving, & you’re eating on
the fly, that's called a (walking meal) & no time off is given.
You are entitled a meal every 6 hrs. After 6 hrs a meal penalty can be
charged. It's $12.50 every 15-min.

You are entitled to 10 hrs of time off in between days. When the production
department schedules you back on the clock before 10 hrs. Are up, you
are in what’s called (turnaround). When you are in turnaround you charge the
rate that you were on when you clocked out the day before. Then stay at
that rate until the 10 hrs are up. Then you go back to your regular rate.
A simple example, @ 12:00am you clock out, you were on Overtime @ that time.
You are not supposed to be back on the clock until 10:00am. The
production department set your call time @ 8:00am the next day. For those 2
hrs. (8:00am - 10:00am) you are in (turnaround) & your rate is @ the same
rate you were @ when you clocked out the previous day (Overtime). Then @
10:00am your rate goes back to your regular rate. Please note that your
call time for that day is when you start your 10-hr. regular rate, even
though you were in turnaround the first 2 hrs. The overtime hits @ 10 hrs
after call time. (Not counting for meal breaks)Of course all of these points are negotiable.